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Western PurClean

Disinfection Treatment Prep List

Thank you for choosing the Western PurClean™ disinfection treatment to support the health of your business, team, and customers. When applied at full strength (as listed on the disenfectant label) Western PurClean™ will kill 99.99% of the almost 50 bacteria, fungi, and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces and sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

Before your scheduled treatment, we ask that you complete the following steps to ensure a successful service:

  • Clear all areas to be treated from unnecessary items.
  • Remove any dust or dirt from surfaces that will be treated.
  • Remove loose items on top of surfaces that will be treated.
  • Remove paper and related items that could be damaged by contact with liquid mist from the treatment area.
  • Remove food or other perishables from the treatment area.
  • Place any moved items into secured containers, drawers, or in trash bags.
  • Do not place trash bags on high touch surfaces that are to be treated.
  • Protect all paintings, artwork, exposed papers, cardboard, pictures (not behind glass), posters, etc. with plastic prior to treatment.
  • Cover fish tanks with plastic and turn off air pumps prior to any application. NOTE: pumps must remain off for a minimum of 2 hours following treatment. If this is not possible, the fish and/or tank must be removed from the treatment area.
  • Stay out of the treated space (including all pets) until the product has had time to fully dry, typically about 30 minutes. Drying time may vary based on surface and humidity levels.

After you have completed your preparations, Western Fumigation technicians will perform the Western PurClean™ disinfection treatment. If you have any questions about your preparation checklist, please contact us at 1-800-542-1542