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Western Fumigation Milestones

Our many accomplishments include:

  • Serving twice as President of the National Pest Management Association. As a founding member of NPMA, Western’s culture of ethical conduct and technical expertise has set the standards for our industry.
  • Actively serving on executive committees and advisory boards, and proactively participating in government affairs that affect our clients
  • Being selected by the National Pest Management Association to develop national training materials, based on our commitment to excellence in training and technical methods.
  • Developing proprietary, patented equipment to facilitate large volume fumigations
  • Funding and developing the first port terminal HACCP-based food safety program, to support our imported food clients in meeting food safety mandates.
  • Receiving many citations and awards from the USDA and the industries we serve. Western is proud of our long history of proactive involvement and support for our clients.