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Fumigation Compliance & Safety

Full Compliance and Beyond

At Western, we’re serious about safety and security. In every case, our company policies go beyond what the government requires. The result: fumigations are performed safely, effectively and without delays.

We protect your shipments, products, premises and people the same way we protect our reputation – vigilantly and professionally. Our dedication to assuring your peace of mind begins with our hiring practices and continues with extensive training, thorough documentation, and full compliance with the latest Homeland Security and other government regulations.  

Careful screening

We screen our employees before they are hired. In fact, our pre- and post-employment screening procedures exceed the most stringent post- 9/11 government standards.

Comprehensive documentation

Thorough documentation – including our Standard Operating Procedures, licensing and records of each fumigation – is always available whenever we provide service. Having these records available ensures traceability, and adds to your peace of mind.

Respected training programs

As industry leaders in safety and technical training, we help “train the trainers.” For example, we have been instrumental in developing the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) fumigation standards and training programs, and have also worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on new equipment to meet quarantine standards for treating imported commodities.

At Western Fumigation, we take our responsibility seriously and are proactive supporters in the search for safe and effective fumigation materials.