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Bed Bug Control

They can’t hide from our treatments.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not only excellent hitchhikers, but they can hide in the tiniest of spaces, making it next to impossible to find them with the naked eye. And contrary to popular belief, they have nothing to do with how clean your home is. You could as easily have a bed bug issue at your own home as you could at a hoarder house you inherited or bought to flip. They can be difficult to get rid of, but we have two great options to choose from to solve your how to get rid of bed bugs dilemma. Fumigation may seem like a last resort, but it will always work and can be the most economical way to finally take care of an infestation. If you go with a heat treatment, be sure you’re using a company that keeps both safety and efficacy in mind. For example, are you aware that your fire-safety sprinkler system is rated for heat extremes and there is an appropriate heat limit to prevent damage to that system? Choose a company that knows.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Western Fumigation designed a heat treatment program that ensures best practices are used for each treatment, factoring safety into every decision made. Heat treatments can find and eliminate even the most adept hiders. If time is an issue to remove an infestation, heat treatment is a great option! While conventional pest control treatments can be effective, the upfront preparation work is extensive, and the treatment will require multiple visits over several days or weeks. Heat has been shown to be effective against all stages of bed bugs, including eggs, in just one treatment. And the amount of preparation needed for a heat treatment is a small fraction of what is required for conventional treatments (no bagging!). Western Fumigation will ensure that a heat treatment not only eliminates a bed bug infestation but does it in a way where you don’t experience unnecessary or costly damage.

Bed Bug Fumigation Services

When an infestation is just too large for general pest control to handle or when other means have repeatedly failed to eliminate bed bugs, fumigating your home will fix it. With no need to bag up your belongings, you can walk out of your home knowing that fumigation will eliminate bed bugs in about 36 hours with just a one-time treatment. Bed bugs may be expert hiders, but there is nowhere they can hide from fumigation. It’s especially helpful for homes that may have clutter where preparation might be difficult or if you inherited a home where hoarding is an issue. It’s also great for vehicles because if your home had bed bugs, with their hitchhiking skills, they could have easily made their way to your boat, RV, truck, or car. When all else fails, fumigation succeeds.

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