Industrial Fumigation for Rats, Mice & Rodents - Western Fumigation

Rodent Control in Your Business

When rodents become an infestation, we can get you back down to zero.

  • Carry and transmit diseases like typhus and Hantavirus
  • Cause serious electrical and structural damage
  • Leave oily stains and a musty odor on walls and surfaces

Many restaurant, bakery, and grocery store owners worry about rats and mice getting inside kitchens and storage areas. However, rodents can also infiltrate hotels, hospitals, offices, clothing shops, and other commercial buildings throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic in search of food or shelter. Once inside, these pests contaminate food, build nests in the walls, and can transmit diseases to employees and customers.

Since they can slip through tiny cracks and dime-sized holes, gnaw through drywall, and burrow under concrete foundations, keeping rodents out of buildings is difficult. Also, traditional bait and traps are often insufficient when dealing with large infestations. Industrial/commercial fumigation is incredibly effective when you need to get to zero fast.

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