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Powderpost Beetle Control in Your Business

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  • Lay eggs inside the wood
  • Eat their way out leaving tunnels
  • Weaken the wood framing of your building

Powderpost Beetles are wood-boring beetles that can do some serious damage to homes and any structure with a wooden frame. They lay their eggs within the pores in the wood. When the eggs hatch, the larvae then burrow into the wood, eating it from the inside out, emerging as adults for the next cycle. Unfortunately, this type of damage is difficult to spot until you see either the holes from where the larvae ate their way out or the frass they leave behind. The damage can be extensive by the time you see either of those.

A moisture barrier could be applied to wood since some powderpost beetle species need it to survive, but you won’t be able to keep them out entirely. And once they’re inside the wood, topical treatments are not very effective. Western Fumigation uses fumigants that will seep well into the wood, taking care of the ones that are hiding inside. Additionally, these fumigants will eliminate all life stages from eggs to larvae to adults.

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