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Bird Control in Your Business

Though many people may not think of birds as pests, they can be a nuisance for businesses in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and across the country. Birds may swoop down on restaurant patios and disturb guests as they search for crumbs to eat. The flying pests can also enter through loading docks and automatic doors to build their nests in retail stores, offices, food processing plants, or warehouses.

Aside from damaging your building and your reputation, birds can also spread disease. These pests can transfer harmful pathogens to any surface they land on, which can cause bacterial diseases and respiratory problems. Commercial pest control companies offer several effective bird removal methods to keep these nuisances out of your commercial property and deter them from coming back.

  • Carry several diseases and can transmit them wherever they land
  • Startle and upset customers
  • Can cause structural damage
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