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Bed Bug Control

They can’t hide from our treatments.

Bed Bug Reality

Bed bugs can easily travel in and out of your building on luggage, backpacks, and even clothing. Their hiding ability makes them difficult to see with the naked eye. You may think cleanliness will keep them away, but the only thing cleaning will help with is minimizing hiding spaces. Even a 5-star hotel and an ivy league school dorm aren’t safe from them. The damage they can do to the best reputation can be devastating. We have two treatments to choose from to help get your building down to zero.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment will find and eliminate even the most adept hiders. If time is an issue to remove an infestation, heat treatment is a great option! While convention pest control treatments can be effective, they often require a lot of preparation work up front and can require multiple visits over several days or weeks. Heat has been shown to be effective against all stages of bed bugs, including eggs, allowing for elimination with just one treatment. And the amount of preparation needed for a heat treatment is a small fraction of what is required for conventional treatments (no bagging!). We can even do a heat treatment on new resident’s possessions to make sure they aren’t coming in.

Bed Bug Fumigation

If you need your whole building treated – fumigation is the right option. Fumigation works with minimal prep work. Leave everything (except food, pets, medications, and a few other things) exactly where it is (even electronics) and about 36 hours later, you can walk back into your building and know it will be 99.99% bed bug-free. And that’s in just one treatment instead of timely revisits and return treatments. It will work in apartment buildings, schools, libraries, movie theatres, and any other business that could be affected by bed bugs. You can also use fumigation to treat materials while your house or apartment is treated conventionally, ensuring that you don’t accidentally reintroduce them back into your living area. In addition, you can require new residents to fumigate their belongings before moving in – making sure you aren’t inviting any bed bugs in.

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