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No Fly Zone® Bird Mitigation

Bird exclusion and deterrent strategies from the experts.

Why No Fly Zone®

The No Fly Zone® Bird Mitigation program is designed to be a humane approach to bird management. Birds, after all, are only using our facilities, albeit at the expense of owners, to carry out their life cycle. By understanding bird behavior, what type of pressures they are displaying (nesting, loafing, roosting, etc.) and what deters and attracts them, we can tailor every project around the principle that they would be better off in a more natural environment. This mitigates the problem for you while helping them get back where they belong – in nature.

Step One


A successful bird management strategy is dependent on many specific variables. We will evaluate your building, what could be causing birds to flock to specific areas, and your business needs taking into consideration each of your distinct bird concerns.

Step Two


Since it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, after our consultation, we will consider and identify the best possible bird pest control service for your facility. We will provide you with a custom plan to help manage your bird problems.

Step Three


Our field staff is focused and experienced, which has allowed us to become a dynamic leader in the industry. We will install a custom, tailored bird prevention and management system no matter what your building may look like.

The three most common birds in our area can do some real damage to businesses and their reputations. Learn more about them here.


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