Industrial Fumigation for Wood Boring Insects | Western Fumigation

Wood-Boring Insect Control in Your Business

  • Can weaken wood and therefore the structure
  • Hatched eggs bore exit holes in wood
  • May not know you have a problem until you see costly damage

Wood-boring insects can cause big trouble for businesses in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Old house borers, longhorn beetles, and deathwatch beetles (just to name a few) feed on wood, weakening structures and sometimes destroying products. Commercial businesses like lumberyards, construction companies, and manufacturers are especially susceptible to an infestation of wood-boring insects.

Because many wood-boring pests live and breed in new construction materials, the responsibility for treatment often falls to the supplier or installer. Covering costs for several clients can be expensive and selling infested products may harm your reputation. Regular services such as fumigation can put a stop to these wood-boring insects, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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