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Community Involvement

The Western Fumigation way.

Here at Western Fumigation, our mission is to keep the people in our area of service safe, healthy, and pest free. Our fumigation services also keep many of the imports and exports that go in and out of the eastern ports safe and healthy. That includes much of the fruit that may be in your refrigerator right now. Because of our involvement in these industries, we take special interest in the people that are behind them. So, we like to get involved to help.
We proudly support the Imogen Foundation program. It is a non-profit institution founded by Gustavo Yentzen and Marie Bach that seeks to provide opportunities and improve the quality of life to those communities where seasonal workers, harvesters, and packing personnel of the fruit industry in Chile work and live in. Some of the most important work they do:

• Provide quality ophthalmological health care through free medical assistance
• Skin care through dermatological aid
• Provide oral healthcare for all members of the workers families through complimentary procedures, educational workshops, and educational training programs
• Comprehensive aid for children with cleft lip and other disabilities

How Can We Help You?

Here at Western Fumigation, we are committed to making a difference, whether it’s through time, money, or being involved in finding newer, more sustainable fumigation treatments. We’re proud of the company we work for and the employees that make it possible.