Fumigation for Moths in Warehouses - Moth Exterminator

Cocoa and Tobacco Moth Control in Your Business

Stop moths before they spread with fumigation.

  • Damage packaging and contaminate milled food products
  • Make food inedible, leading to food waste and revenue losses
  • Harm your reputation if customers find moths and larvae in their foodstuffs

Cocoa moths, also known as tobacco or warehouse moths, are common pests in candy stores, storage warehouses, food processing plants, and restaurant pantries throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic region. When adult female cocoa moths lay their eggs on packaged items like flour, cereal, tobacco products, nuts, cocoa, or dried fruit, the larvae burrow into the containers and contaminate their contents with silk webbing and droppings.

Cocoa moth larvae often infest raw materials like grain and cacao beans. During harvesting and transport, they end up in storage facilities like warehouses and retail stores via product deliveries. Fumigating your establishment is an effective way to prevent cocoa moths from spreading throughout your facilities and ending up in your customers' homes.

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