Industrial Fumigation for Grain Weevils - Western Fumigation

Grain Weevil Control in Your Business

Your dried goods are safe in our fumigation hands.

  • Cause damage to stored grains
  • Contaminate food with larvae and discarded shells
  • May upset customers and damage your reputation

Mills, food processing facilities, grocery stores, and food storage facilities across the Mid-Atlantic region and New England are common sites for grain weevil infestations. Adult females breed in dried goods then lay their eggs in individual grains of wheat, corn, barley, and rice. If left unchecked, grain weevils can render entire pantries of food inedible.

Despite having a cleaning regimen, product rotation schedule, and other preventative measures in place, your business could still end up with a grain weevil problem. If this happens, a professional fumigator is your best bet for getting rid of these insects. With fumigation, professionals can safely kill all stages of grain weevils from your building before they hurt your bottom line.

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