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Advanced Moth Treatments

When it comes to treating for moths, bring in the experts.


Moths like Indian meal moths, Tobacco moths, and cocoa moths can take a serious bite out of any business’s bottom line. They can ruin products, vendor relationships, and reputations. They are also difficult to get rid of – especially in larger facilities. When you have an existing moth infestation, run a business where moth outbreaks can occur, or if you’re required to have preventive controls in place for food safety, you can turn to our advanced industrial moth mating disruption program for peace of mind.

Mating disruption is a proven method of managing persistent or likely moth infestations. However, Western Fumigation is offering a new delivery method that is more effective than the traditional methods of hanging pheromone tags. We offer moth mating disruption using an industrial fogger, applied at various intervals throughout the year. This method can reach all areas of a facility for an even application and removes the burdensome time required to replace all those tags! It’s also incredibly effective. Results of up to 98% in population reduction have been achieved using this novel fogging system.

5 Reasons to Choose Advanced Moth Treatments from Western Fumigation

  1. Innovative: this certified organic product (WSDA Organic Program) slowly delivers mating pheromones that inhibit male moths from locating female moths in your space, thereby stopping the reproductive cycle.
  2. Customized: we have 3 different Advanced Moth Mating Disruption service programs based on your facility’s specific needs. Your Business Developer will work with you to determine which would be best for you.
  3. Effective: creates a constant source of protection against significant outbreaks year-round.
  4. Versatile: safe enough to be used in food manufacturing, food storage, and retail shops with cocoa, coffee, spices, and more.
  5. Long-Lasting: provides 24/7 disruption for Indian meal moths, Tobacco moth, Raisin moth, Almond moth, and Mediterranean flour moths with a significant reduction in population levels after 1-3 months from initial application.


Western Fumigation is the trusted leader and authority in pest management for many industries – including food processing and storage. With over four decades of experience, we are continuously evolving and adding the most up-to-date fumigation and fogging treatment methods. Whether you have moth problems or just have zero tolerance for moths in your business, you can count on Western Fumigation to help with controlling moths. The product we use is organic which means fewer conventional pesticide applications and the treatment can be used in sensitive facilities while still being effective. And the pheromone is delivered with an industrial fogger, so it reaches every nook and cranny of the interior space including rafters at high elevations. All that combined with our stellar reputation means your moth control choices are clear.
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