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Tenting & Tarping Fumigation Services for Vehicles

No matter the vehicle or the pest, we can fumigate.

Why tent or tarp your vehicle?

People often forget about their vehicles when it comes to fumigating for pests. The fact is that powderpost beetles can be an issue for boats, mice and rats have been known to harbor in car engine compartments, and bed bugs can hitchhike anywhere including in cars, RVs, and other vehicles. When you have a pest issue in your vehicle, fumigation gets you down to zero. If you leave your vehicle out of the equation, you could not only have issues in your car, truck, boat, camper, or recreational vehicle, but you could bring the pests back into your home. It’s a vicious cycle – one you do not have to allow to happen.


Whether you use your truck for a means of transportation or it’s your work vehicle, you could be toting around pests that could hitchhike on your clothes or bags into your home or into your customer’s homes. Either way, it’s a problem that can be solved by tenting and fumigating your truck.


Same goes for your car. Many people use their cars for not only a trip to the grocery store but as a side job with a food delivery service. Rodents use car engine compartments during the cold months as a warming area and can destroy sensitive electric or fluid lines. Fumigating your car can ensure you have a clean slate.


Boats can suffer from multiple pest pressures. The wood used to build them can be a haven for powderpost beetles, while if it’s a houseboat, the kitchen and bed areas can be prime spots for cockroaches, bed bugs, and even rodents. Unless you named your boat the Pest Haven, have it tarped or sealed and fumigated.


Recreational vehicles can have a host of pest problems! Not only can you bring pests in with you and your luggage, but as you drive across the country, you can encounter pests you’re not familiar with. Kitchen areas, pantries, and of course the sleeping areas in your RV can be prime spots for pests. Rodents love RVs that have been sitting for some time, too. Tenting and fumigating your RV before and after a trip can make all the difference.

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