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Drywood Termite Control in Your Home

Don’t let them take a bite out of your home.

How to Protect Against Drywood Termites

Although drywood termites are not very common in the Northeast, they can easily be transported in furniture and lumber from the southern part of the United States. You can help avoid drywood termites by always storing scrap wood and firewood at least twenty feet from the exterior of your home. Additionally, sealing all cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home may help but these tiny pests can shimmy their way into just about any opening. Make sure to pay close attention to siding, doorframes, and around windows for any evidence of these pests.

The damage drywood termites cause can be extremely costly. Termites in general do more than $5 billion in property damage in the United States every year. They can chew their way through floors, walls, and support beams, causing extensive damage. By the time you know you have them, that damage can already be very expensive.

  • Costly and extensive damage
  • Can chew through support beams
  • You may not know you have them until you see the damage

How Western Fumigation helps

Drywood termites are found in dry wood, much like you would find in attic framing or wooden furniture. Should you take that infested furniture and bring it into your home, you will be inviting those pests in. Our fumigation services will get right into every crack and crevice – even inside wood. There’s nowhere a drywood termite can hide.
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Our tenured, licensed, and experienced field teams take pride in their work. They are dedicated to doing it right the first time on every project. It allows us to guarantee our work every time. Let us do it for you the right way first.

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Security & Safety

Our operational standards include measures that exceed regulatory requirements. We are the only fumigation company that guards our fumigation jobs 24/7 during operations and we don’t just leave when the tent comes off. We clear the home of any pesticides and then – and only then – is the job officially done. The safety and security of our employees and customers are paramount, freeing you from having to worry about it.

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Fumigation is one of the most regulated services. We take extensive measures to ensure we are compliant with the proper permits before we treat. We know the rules and regulations and for your safety and ours, we are committed to following each requirement to the “tee.” You don’t need to concern yourself – let us handle it.

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