Ledge Guards - Western Fumigation

Ledge Guard Strategy

100% exclusion from all bird species.

Simply put, ledge guards remove hospitable ledges from birds to use. By changing 90o angles to 45o, birds cannot utilize those spaces. However, if not installed by professionals like No Fly Zone® installers, they can actually create cavities for nesting; so you want to be sure they are professionally installed. Ledge guards not only give you 100% exclusion from all bird species, but they will blend into your building. The deterrents are the non-intrusive way to prevent birds from landing on your building in the first place. If they can’t land there, they can’t nest there. A simple solution that works, ledge guards are humane and environmentally friendly. They completely protect the ledge against all bird species since the birds simply can’t get a grip to land. When color matched to the structure, they will look like part of the architecture.
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Exclusion Netting/Mesh

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Custom Solutions

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