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Tension Wires & Spider Strategies

The least visible bird deterrent for your building.

When you have a building with a bird problem but still want it to be aesthetically pleasing, tension wires are the deterrent for you. The stainless-steel lines are spring loaded to cause birds to fly away when they interact with them while causing no harm to the birds. Tension wires are the least visible of the deterrent products we use while still being highly effective. They make ledges inhospitable to all bird species, encouraging them to move on from your business. Spiders act in a similar way but are installed individually on specific high points like the tops of light posts or in a system on a rooftop.
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Exclusion Netting/Mesh

100% impenetrable barrier for nearly any architectural configuration.

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Bird Spikes

Looking for a landing and roosting deterrent?

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Ledge Guards

For 100% exclusion in a variety of sizes.

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Custom Solutions

Engineer designed and built for YOUR building.

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