Bird Species - Western Fumigation

Bird droppings promote the growth of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. When inhaled, the spores can result in Histoplasmosis, a severe respiratory disease. Birds are also associated with over 60 human pathogenic diseases including salmonellosis, chlamydiosis, and avian influenza. All of these can be spread directly by contact with bird droppings or indirectly through bird or human feet cross-contaminating areas. And what the presence of birds can do to a brand’s reputation is critical as well.


House sparrows can cause considerable damage to facilities. They can contaminate animal feed and food products at food processing facilities, and their droppings are associated with more than 29 diseases as well as ectoparasites like bird mites.

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Droppings and nesting materials from pigeons can damage property, discolor building and car paint, ruin wood, clog gutters, stain fabric, and even short out electrical equipment. Pigeons can also cause damage to your business’s brand and reputation.

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Starlings use building structures to create nesting and overwintering sites. Starlings peck and slash to create these cavities, causing considerable damage and compromising structural integrity.

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