Industrial Fumigation for Cigarette Beetles - Western Fumigation

Cigarette Beetle Control in Your Business

These pests can spread rapidly, making fumigation the perfect fix.

  • Contaminates packaged foods
  • Contributes to product loss
  • Can trigger health department sanctions

Cigarette beetles are infamous for attacking stored tobacco, but they will also infest pantry foods, dry pet food, books, and furniture stuffing. The pests are a common problem throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic in warehouses and stores that handle or sell tobacco products. Cigarette beetles breed inside food packaging and contaminate merchandise with eggs, dropped body parts, and waste.

These destructive pests contribute to major product losses. Adult cigarette beetles can fly, which allows the pests to spread rapidly. Health departments often sanction businesses that have infestations. These sanctions can cause closing shops down and will certainly damage a reputation. Fortunately, pest control methods such as industrial fumigation and fogging are quick, effective solutions for cigarette beetle problems.

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