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Custom Bird Solutions

No matter the building, we can create bird deterrents for it.

  • Custom solution for your building
  • Exclusion and deterrents created for you
  • Created by experts in the industry

If our many different prefabricated/manufactured bird deterrent and exclusion strategies won’t work for your specific situation, our expert machinists and consultant engineers are able to design and build custom bird control systems. No matter what bird you’re trying to deal with or the look or feel of your building, we can keep them out, no matter how unique the situation. We have engineered visual systems on solar fields, flight pattern interruption systems at airport fields, and grid systems over retention basins. Our bird experts in consultation with our engineers and machinists are joined by a Board Certified Entomologist to come together to create your custom solution based on bird behavior and wildlife biology.

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Exclusion Netting/Mesh

100% impenetrable barrier for nearly any architectural configuration.

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Bird Spikes

Looking for a landing and roosting deterrent?

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Ledge Guards

For 100% exclusion in a variety of sizes.

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Tension Wires/Spiders

Our least visible deterrent product.

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