Industrial Fumigation for Foreign Grain Beetles - Western Fumigation

Foreign Grain Beetle Control in Your Business

Keep your food safe with fumigation.

  • Can cause shipment and product rejection
  • Damage reputation
  • Infest new construction due to fungal growth on damp lumber

Often mistaken for stored food pests, foreign grain beetles feed on mold rather than the kernels themselves. This common misidentification often affects food-processing plants in the Mid-Atlantic region and New England. Companies will sometimes reject shipments or products due to infestation, when the underlying problem may actually be improper grain storage.

Since foreign grain beetles suggest moldy products or faulty grain storage, business reputations can suffer as a result. Newly built offices and other commercial spaces can also attract these flying insects due to fungal growth on damp wood used during construction. Commercial/Industrial fumigation is the fastest way to combat foreign grain beetles and keep your business in good standing.

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