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Commercial Foreign Grain Beetle Fumigation & Fogging

How Western Fumigation Helps Get Rid of Foreign Grain Beetles

Often mistaken for stored food pests, foreign grain beetles feed on mold rather than the kernels themselves. This common misidentification often affects food-processing plants in the Mid-Atlantic region and New England. Companies will sometimes reject shipments or products due to infestation, when the underlying problem may actually be improper grain storage.

Since foreign grain beetles suggest moldy products or faulty grain storage, business reputations can suffer as a result. Newly built offices and other commercial spaces can also attract these flying insects due to fungal growth on damp wood used during construction. Commercial/Industrial fumigation is the fastest way to combat foreign grain beetles and keep your business in good standing.

Western Fumigation Foreign Grain Beetle Plan

Step One


We will evaluate your building to see where the beetles are, where they are coming from, and why they are there.

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Step Two


We will consider and identify the best possible solution for your foreign grain beetle infestation.

Step Three


Whether fogging or fumigating is the answer, your foreign grain beetle infestation will be taken care of safely and effectively.

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Our tenured, licensed, and experienced field teams take pride in their work. They are dedicated to doing it right the first time on every project. It allows us to guarantee our work every time. Let us do it for you the right way first. Our operational standards include measures that exceed regulatory requirements. We are the only fumigation company that guards our fumigation jobs 24/7 during operations and we don’t just leave when the tent comes off. We clear the structure of any pesticides and then – and only then – is the job officially done. The safety and security of our employees and customers are paramount, freeing you from having to worry about it. Fumigation is one of the most regulated services. We take extensive measures to ensure we are compliant with the proper permits before we treat. We know the rules and regulations and for your safety and ours, we are committed to following each requirement to the “tee.” You don’t need to concern yourself – let us handle it. When it comes to handling foreign grain beetles, we know that getting it done right the first time is paramount but getting it done safely and securely is more important. We focus on both.
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