Exclusion Netting - Western Fumigation

Exclusion Netting/Mesh Strategy

A humane bird exclusion system

Bird control netting can keep pest birds off your property. In short, netting and mesh alter the architecture of a building to exclude birds that are using spaces for nesting, roosting, and loafing. It’s literally a physical block that better guarantees birds stay away from spaces on your property that are attractive to them. We place our netting systems in places like ceilings, eaves, rafters, and more. It’s an impenetrable barrier than is effective against all bird species and can even keep some other wildlife out. The bird control netting and mesh systems we install are UV stable for long durability, and we use all stainless-steel hardware to ensure it doesn’t degrade with weather.
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Bird Spikes

Looking for a landing and roosting deterrent?

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Ledge Guards

For 100% exclusion in a variety of sizes.

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Tension Wires/Spiders

Our least visible deterrent product.

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Custom Solutions

Engineer designed and built for YOUR building.

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