Fumigation for Psocids / Booklice Exterminator

Psocids/Booklice Control in Your Business

  • Suggest improper storage and the presence of mold
  • Can harm reputation
  • May result in loss of revenue for your business

You can find psocids, or booklice, in businesses throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions. These pests don't bite or transmit diseases, but they do feed on mold. High humidity in grocery stores, warehouses, bookstores, and libraries encourages mildew and fungal growth, which can attract psocids to stored cereal and grain products as well as bookbindings.

Booklice found within a shipment from your warehouse or customer complaints about psocid-infested groceries can have serious consequences for your business's reputation. Pest control treatments such as industrial fumigation and fogging can help you remove booklice, restore peace of mind, and prevent future product, customers, or revenue losses.

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