Industrial Fumigation for Drugstore Beetles - Western Fumigation

Drugstore Beetle Control in Your Business

They aren’t just in drugstores – and we can help no matter where they show up.

  • Contaminates stored dry food
  • Irritates the mouth, throat, and stomach if ingested
  • Causes damage to clothing, books, and pharmaceutical drugs

Because of their broad diets, drugstore beetles can devastate a wide range of businesses in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. These insects feed on processed grains and pet food, making drugstore beetles a nuisance for bakeries, restaurants, and food storage facilities. However, their hunger for paper, leather, wool, and medicine also puts bookshops, clothing stores, hair salons, and pharmacies at risk.

Drugstore beetles can bore through wood, aluminum foil, tin, and lead sheets, so it can be a challenge to keep them from contaminating and destroying your products. Pest control techniques like industrial/commercial fumigation and fogging are your best bet when it comes to keeping drugstore beetles out of your business.

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