Fumigation for Rice Beetles - Beetle Exterminator

Rice Beetle Control in Your Business

Western Fumigation offers commercial fogging & fumigation services to eliminate rice beetles in grocery stores, restaurants, food processing plants, etc.

Rice beetles, or rice weevils, eat whole grains including wheat, corn, and seeds. These pests can cause big trouble for grocery stores and restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Not only do rice beetles feed on dry goods, but they will also lay eggs in them, destroying products from the inside out and driving up food waste and costs.

Contaminated grains can force business owners to throw out containers or even entire shipments. Left unchecked, a rice beetle infestation can lead to massive losses. Worse, customers could receive unusable products, damaging your reputation in the industry. With proactive measures like industrial fumigation and fogging, you can ensure your company continues to run smoothly and safely without interference from rice beetles.

  • Spread quickly leading to mass infestations
  • Cause complete product loss
  • Damage your business's reputation
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