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Recruit a Teammate!

Get $600* for each teammate you recruit. We all witness good and bad service every time we set foot inside a business. If you see someone especially good at their job, let’s get them to work for us! Submit the information below.


Have ever walked out of the diner raving about the server you had? Did you visit a local big box store and been shocked by the excellent customer service you received? Do you love working at Western Fumigation?

Replace diner with any retail store and the big box store with any place you have face-to-face interaction with a customer service rep. If you said yes to any of those questions, then you could be recommending team members to our HR department! Not only could that person give Western Fumigation customers excellent service, but they could work for a company that provides their employees with excellent benefits and a career – not just a job. Want to reach out to someone to recruit? Here are some tips:

Be sure to tell the person you are speaking to that someone from the Western Fumigation Human Resources department will be reaching out to them. Part with encouraging words and an additional compliment about their work ethic.

*You will receive $300 soon after the new teammate starts and $300 soon after they have hit the 6 month mark.

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