Fumigation for Indian Meal Moths - Moth Exterminator

Indian Meal Moth Control in Your Business

The stored products in your building could be under attack – call us in to fumigate.

  • Contaminate entire food supply
  • Lead to product and revenue loss
  • Cause local health and sanitation departments to impose sanctions

A common pantry pest, the Indian meal moth feeds on stored grains, dried fruits, nuts, cereals, pasta, and a variety of processed foods. Mid-Atlantic and New England businesses that store or sell dry goods, such as grocery stores, restaurants, silos, and warehouses, are at high risk for infestation. Although Indian meal moths don't bite or carry known diseases, they still contaminate products and cause revenue loss.

Adult Indian meal moths lay eggs and leave droppings in grains and other stored food while larvae feed on it and spin webs that are dense enough to see in heavy infestations. Health and sanitation departments can penalize business owners for spoiled products, which can temporarily shut down a business. Before word gets out and hurts your reputation, it's best to handle the issue immediately and fumigate to keep Indian meal moths out of your business.

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