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Warehouse Beetle Control in Your Business

Don’t let them chew up your profits.

Industrial fumigation for warehouse beetles

The presence of the cast skins of the larvae and the larvae themselves may be the first clue that you have warehouse beetles in your facility. If you see adults, though, that can mean an even larger infestation. These pests feed on many different kinds of staple items like cornmeal, dried pet food, pasta, cookies, candy, seeds, cereals, spices, and milk powder. Any warehouse, distribution facility, or food processing plant that deals in foods or fabrics (any many others) are at risk of warehouse beetle infestations. Once they have gotten through the packaging, they are chewing through your bottom line.

Warehouse beetles are a serious pest as they not only directly infest your fabric and food products (or museum specimens), but they also leave behind coarse “hairs” that are a food hazard for anyone that may inadvertently eat food made from infested ingredients. This is not a pest to ignore as it can cause significant damage, product recalls, and brand damage!

  • Can chew through packaging
  • Can take a bite out of your bottom line
  • Can ruin many different food products
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