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Western Fumigation Named a Top Workplace 2023

We are proud to announce Western Fumigation has been honored with a Top Workplace 2023 award! To be eligible for the award, an employer must first be nominated by an employee. A company-wide employee engagement survey is sent out to evaluate the organization and ultimately decide the Top Workplace winners. It is truly an unbiased assessment of our company, coming from our employees’ experiences! We received this recognition thanks to these employees that said they think Western Fumigation is stable, fair, and inclusive.

The company is thrilled to have been named a Top Workplace! The fact that this honor comes from positive responses from their own employees just makes the employees proud to work for this company. It’s truly a family at Western Fumigation.

In the 2,500+ company size category, which is the largest employer category, our parent company, Rollins, ranked 86 out of 7,560 companies surveyed nationally, placing us within the top 100 recognized organizations. Jerry Gahlhoff, Chief Executive Officer and President at Rollins noted, “Our ranking shows solid positioning for the company, but also highlights areas of improvement that we should remain focused on as we continue to grow. We always want to attract and retain the most talented people to join Rollins and our pest management family across our multiple brands, and in keeping with Rollins’ values of continuous improvement and doing the right thing, we will work to ensure our culture remains one where team members can thrive and be proud to call our great company home.”

Our mission at Western Fumigation has always been to put our people first. This award proves we are certainly doing the right thing! While we are always looking for ways to improve, this honor proves we’re going in the right direction, which makes us stay the course. Some of the most important things that stuck out on the surveys were our company is safe, reliable, and fair. These three make for an excellent foundation for a company. A strong foundation means you can add on top without the whole thing toppling over. That way, we can add things like being diverse and celebrating culture at our company. While we are happy our employees are happy – we are always striving for more.

If you think you’d like to work for a Top Workplace (who wouldn’t!), check out our careers page and apply today.