Western’s DeChristopher Retires from Port Community - Western Fumigation
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Western’s DeChristopher Retires from Port Community

On Sept. 30, Karen DeChristopher retired, after being a 30-year fixture in the Delaware River global fruit trade. At Western Industries in Parsippany, NJ, DeChristopher worked from headquarters of Western Pest Services, and very closely with the Philadelphia produce trade.

She says, “I handled the day-to-day communications with our US and Chilean clients, government agencies, and port organizations.” She traveled domestically and internationally at Western, as she “supported Barbara Hunter who made me into the professional and confident woman I am today. I learned our business inside and out and was able to support not only Barbara, but also Miriam Borja-Fisher,” who is also retiring this year from her role as Western’s senior business development manager.

Hunter was for decades the point person for Western in overcoming not only fumigation but a variety of other hurdles to open Chilean, and other fresh trade with Philadelphia. Before and since Hunter’s retirement Borja has very ably carried that torch to expedite trade.

Outside of work, DeChristopher is deeply involved and highly recognized in her community in Morris County, NJ. She will remain involved civically and with her family there.