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Top 5 Reasons Security in Fumigation Is So Important

We could go on and on about why security is not only smart but required when it comes to a fumigation job. The reasons are vast and almost endless. We can touch on the top 5 just to give you an idea of what could happen if you don’t use a fumigation company that takes security seriously.

  1. Keeping People Safe

The pesticides and insecticides used to fumigate are strong. They are meant to eliminate the pest you’re having an issue with but whatever else is in there can have serious side effects, too. Mild inhalation exposure can cause a feeling of sickness, ringing in the ears, fatigue, nausea, and tightness in the chest. Moderate inhalation exposure can cause weakness, vomiting, chest pain, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. Long-term exposure can be deadly. There’s a reason we have our people in proper protective equipment and put danger signs all over! We don’t want an unsuspecting employee showing up and getting sick. This is why we provide full security the entire time we are fumigating.

  1. Fumigation Can Be Toxic to Animalslittle girl with pet rabbit

The fumigants used in businesses and homes are toxic to animals, which is why it’s effective at eliminating pests. But if your therapist office has a therapy dog, your dentist office has a fish tank, or your classroom has a pet bunny, we want to keep them safe, too. We provide extensive checklists you can use to prepare for fumigation and then require access to every room – even storerooms – so we can do a sweep of the building before starting the fumigation process.

  1. Protect Your Plants

fumigation can damage house plantsThe product used in fumigation is a light gas that floats and generally stops at the soil level, but it can damage plant roots that are under the tarped areas. Fumigation gas can burn and kill any foliage it comes into contact with as well. Any remaining indoor plants will be affected once the fumigation process begins. Again, providing a comprehensive checklist to the property manager or facility team so they can make sure that no decorative indoor plants are left inside the building will help. Our technicians also go over the checklist with the building manager or whomever our main contact is to make sure nothing was overlooked.

  1. Protecting the Environment

We go to great lengths to keep the fumigants we use in the area where they are needed. Our technicians are trained and required to check every hose, nozzle, and every other piece of equipment we are using that day for not only defects but for the normal wear and tear that comes with use. We would rather replace and use a new one than take any chances. Our Standard Operating Procedures are kept up to date and reviewed often to make sure we are not missing anything. The environment is a high priority for us.

  1. Keeping Your Possessions Safe During Fumigation

People know you’re not there if we are fumigating. If your structure is covered with a tent or there are no signs of life, it could look like an open sign for breaking and entering, vandalizing, or worse. Not only will whatever is in your building be at risk of theft, but the people that walk in could be in danger as well. That could become a lawsuit for you and the fumigation company down the road. Our solution is to clearly mark every entrance or at least all 4 sides of the tent with a “DANGER” sign. It may sound simple, but it may also force someone up to no good to think twice. We also guard our fumigation jobs 24/7 to make sure nobody enters by accident or on purpose. Western Fumigation is the only fumigation company that provides 24/7 security during a fumigation job.

As if all the above isn’t reason enough to make sure we’re providing as much security during a fumigation job as we can, our reputation is on the line. Not only our reputation but our certificates and licensing can be at risk.

Security as a whole is important in any industry. But in fumigation, it should be priority one. Knowing why it’s so important as well as the steps that can (and should) be taken by whatever fumigation company you’re using can teach business owners what to look for not only when choosing a company but while the company is there. Having your property tented is inconvenient enough, hiring security for fumigation shouldn’t be something else you should have to worry about. Any fumigation company that doesn’t care about security is not the fumigation company for the job.

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