Fumigation for Flour Beetles - Beetle Exterminator

Flour Beetle Control in Your Business

No more contaminated products after we come in.

  • Secrete a foul-smelling odor
  • Encourage the growth of mold
  • Contaminate milled and packaged foods

If you run a food processing facility, restaurant, grocery store, or food storage warehouse in the Mid-Atlantic area, you could fall prey to a flour beetle infestation. These insects feed on flour and spices as well as dried beans, pasta, crackers, and other processed grains. In some cases, flour beetles can even be found in pharmaceutical drug and pill packaging.

Flour beetles themselves are medically harmless, even if accidentally eaten. However, their droppings, bodies, and foul secretions can alter food flavors and make some customers sick. Fumigating your business can stop flour beetles in their tracks, preventing these pests from contaminating products and upsetting patrons.

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