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Attention Pest Control Companies

Think you can’t offer fumigation services? With Western Fumigation you can.

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A partnership with Western Fumigation is good for your bottom line.
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Never say no to a fumigation job again

With our confidentiality, we can help you generate a novel revenue stream while protecting your customers and business at the same time.

Fumigation is serious business

The licensing, certifications, permitting, compliance, and training requirements necessary to perform efficient and effective fumigation services can be daunting. If you find yourself turning down fumigation jobs because you are not set up to provide the service, then you’re doing the safe and prudent thing. But you don’t have to miss out on the money those jobs can bring. A partnership with Western Fumigation is just a click away. AND we work within confidentiality requirements of our Pest Control Company partnerships. This ensures your business and your customers are protected. You can even call us to take care of birds for your customers!

Our reputation is unmatched in the industry, and we are the only fumigation company that will secure our fumigation projects 24/7 during fumigation operations. That’s important to you and your customers. But we are also sensitive to your business model. We therefore offer business flexibility in the way we establish partnerships. We can either work directly with the customer or we can work directly with you. The first method provides the most pain-free way to offer fumigation. The second method keeps you as the one point-of-contact with your customer. Either way, you will generate revenue and you will never have to say “no” to a fumigation solution for your customers again.

  • Never say no to fumigation jobs again
  • Rely on the company with the top-notch reputation