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How Much Does It Cost to Fumigate a House?

The cost to fumigate a house can vary greatly. You might want to ask anyone who gives you a set cost how they considered solving your specific problem. If they can’t answer, you shouldn’t be dealing with them. Why can’t there be a set cost when you ask how much to fumigate a house? Read on for why that is:

Every Pest is Different

Some pests, like rodents, don’t require a high rate of materials, and therefore the cost to fumigate would be less expensive for the same space compared to treating for another pest that requires a higher rate of materials. For example, pests like powderpost beetles require 5 times more material than you would need for bed bugs since it has to seep into and penetrate the wood to get to where they exist. Some pests respirate more slowly or have biological defenses that make the concentration needs higher than others. And even the same pest may require more or less materials depending on the time of the year. In the summer, when the ambient air is warm, pests are more susceptible to the materials and therefore not as much is required (for some pests) than in the winter when the temperatures are lower. More fumigant means more cost. Even if you somehow cloned a home and it was exactly the same size and structure – the difference in the pest and time of the year will make the cost fluctuate.

Every House is Different

house tenting fumigation

The cost to fumigate a house also varies depending on the size of the house. Do you live in a sweet little cabana? The cost will be less. Sprawling mansion? Well, that means a lot more space, a lot more rooms, and a lot more products, which means a lot more money. Midsize duplex? It will be somewhere in between the two. You get the idea. Additionally, depending on how well your house is sealed  you may need a tarp fumigation or a tape-and-seal method. The amount of time and labor for these two options can also differ and therefore change the price. Keep in mind if you live in a two-family, both sets of residents need to be on board with fumigating the house. You can’t just do one side – fumigants don’t work like that.

Every Job is Different

Even the detailed structure of your home can cause fumigation costs to be a mystery until an inspection is done. If it’s got rectangular rooms with 90-degree angles, no upstairs, and is empty, the house fumigation will be simpler. If you have a lot of stairs, lots of nooks and crannies, and lots of clutter, more fumigants (and possibly labor) will be required to reach all those areas and ensure a successful fumigation. Hoarder situations will definitely require more materials and labor since even an inspection in a hoarder home could miss a bug that’s hiding. These details are very important to allow make sure a cost effective, yet successful job is done. There are a lot of other factors that are considered in determining the cost of a fumigation job too. Many of which are a bit in the background. For example, different states and districts have different regulations that are critical to ensure that the operation is compliant. These regulations may cause more time and labor, making the cost go up. So, even the state you live in can cause a home fumigation cost to fluctuate!

Now you know! Since every fumigation job is different, house fumigation cost varies. It depends on the pest, the time of year, the structure, and of course, the size and complexity of the situation. Also, we can’t forget about state and district requirements for compliance too. The best thing to do is to contact a professional fumigation company that will provide a free inspection so you can get an accurate estimate for house fumigation. Remember, that can’t be done over the phone. A visual inspection is paramount to both identify the pest and see the size and structure of the home. Anyone who tells you differently is not the fumigation company for you.

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