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Pest Control for Cars

Did you have pest control or fumigation services done at your home? People often forget about their vehicles when it comes to pests. The fact is that powderpost beetles can be an issue for boats, mice and rats have been known to harbor in car engine compartments, and bed bugs can hitchhike anywhere including in cars, RVs, trucks, etc. And it stands to reason that if they can hitchhike into your car, they can hitchhike right back into your house again. They only need a bag, a pant leg, a jacket thrown on the passenger seat, a bag of groceries… you get the idea. And then you’re right back where you started with the pests. Could be a very expensive mistake. And think about it – that could have been how the pests got in your house the first time, too.

When you have a pest issue in your home – no matter what kind of pest it is – don’t forget about this often-overlooked potential reinfestation source, the car. Car fumigation will get you down to zero. A professional fumigation company can either tent or seal your car to professionally fumigate it. There’s no such thing as a car exterminator and car pest control can be tricky since there are so many nooks and crannies for them to hide. Well, they can’t hide from fumigation! And you can even leave your belongings (as long as it’s not medication or food, etc.) in the car to be fumigated along with it. Remember, they can hide anywhere, so if you grab your jacket and bring it into the house with you… better to leave it in the car to be fumigated to be sure you don’t bring anyone along. If you commute, then you are more at risk for bringing uninvited pests home with you since trains and buses can be hotspots for bed bugs. Once you get off the train and get in your car, any bug that you picked up during your commute is now with you in your car. So, no matter how they got there, if you’re looking for how to get bugs out of a car, fumigation is a great way to do it.

Don’t forget about your other vehicles, though. RVs are always at risk for pests. There’s a kitchen area, pantries, beds, and travel! So, going in and out of it as you take a trip across the country, you could be bringing a host of pests in with you. And if you leave the door open, rats, mice, cockroaches, moths – just about any pest attracted to food – will be happy to make a home in your recreational vehicle! Boats are also at risk. Powderpost beetles can do serious damage to the wooden parts of your boat and regular pest control services cannot get inside the wood to take care of them – only fumigants can do that. If it’s a houseboat, then you have the same problems as RVs: kitchen area, sleeping area, pantries, etc. Fumigating a boat after taking it out for the season is a great way to make sure you start off the season on a clean slate next year. The answer to clearing pests out of any vehicle seems to be the same every time: fumigation.

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