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Specialty Fumigation Services

Western’s extensive history, recognized leadership and expertise uniquely position us to handle any challenge and situation, from valued collectibles to military installations.  


A long history of serving the special and unique needs of our US military gives Western a true appreciation and respect for its challenges…Challenges which include confidentiality, special security clearances and the resources to manage the scope of the demands. Thanks to our specialized skills and security clearance, the U.S. Government has relied on our unique problem-solving ability to get the job done. 

Valued Artifacts, Museum Collectibles, Historical Sites

Geronimo’s rifle and Crazy Horse’s deerskin robes were among the priceless objects threatened by pests in a major collection of Native American artifacts …until the Western team found a culturally-sensitive solution to the problem. We’ve also been called on to fumigate an invaluable medieval tapestry, and to eliminate wood-destroying insects in the historic mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. 

Alternative Applications: Fogging and Heat Treatments

Western offers a unique high volume industrial fogging service using our Typhoon II equipment. Unlike typical foggers, the Typhoon II enables lightning-speed fogging dispersal and distribution. 

In situations where fumigation is not a viable solution, Western may offer a heat treatment option to solve a customer's problem. Please contact us for further details.